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About Miller Group Media:

In 1946 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Miller, Jr., purchased the Peru News-Herald and began their involvement with local/community media. Not long afterwards, they purchased the LaSalle Post-Tribune and merged the two newspapers into the Daily News-Tribune.

LaSalle County Broadcasting Corp. was added in 1946. At that time the company operated WLPO-AM with 250-watt daytime, non-directional signal. WLPO-FM made its debut on the air in December 1974 as a 100-watt monaural FM station. In 1967 the station’s signal was upgraded to 3000 watts and in 1979 the call letters were changed to WAJK.

To complete NewsTribune distribution, the NEWShopper was added as a total-market-coverage product in early 1970s. The addition of this weekly publication was to offer a means for advertisers to get their message to non-subscribers.
In the mid-1970s, the NewsTribune added a farm publication as a monthly offering available to NewsTribune subscribers and local area farmers. Its success was such that it was spun off as a weekly publication and Indiana AgriNews was added. Illinois and Indiana AgriNews are now circulated weekly throughout the two states with subscribers and readers in the Midwest, the USA and international communities.

In 1982, Peter (Pete) Miller III joined the operation and he changed the name of the daily print publication to the NewsTribune.

WKOT was added to LaSalle County Broadcasting Corp. in 1999. The station is now known as 96.5theWOLF. Formats of the three stations: WAJK – best music from the ‘80s to current; WLPOAM&FM – Talk till 10AM, then classic hits; WLWF – current country.

Pete Miller served as president of the newspaper operations, publisher of the NewsTribune and general manager of the radio stations. Joyce McCullough was named publisher of the NewsTribune in 2002 and general manager of the radio stations in 2005.
Peter Miller, Jr., died in January 2004; Pete Miller in February 2011.

After Pete’s death, Catherine (Cathy) Miller assumed the role of chairman of the board and named Joyce McCullough president of media operations. Joyce continues in her role as NewsTribune publisher and radio station general manager.

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